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June 22, 2012 Posted by admin

Steven Essa

5 Tips For Driving Free Traffic to Your Website

June 12, 2012 Posted by admin


If you are just getting started with a website and are currently looking for a few ways to drive traffic to your website then follow all of these tips to start generating organic (free) traffic to your website. This list will be the first of several articles that provide simple and effective tips for getting started. Let’s get started.

  • Start a Blog: Generating new content on your website is essential to being crawled by search engines on a regular basis. If you have started a website, then one would assume that you have a topic that you are passionate so take 20 minutes a day to put together an article on a relevant topic. We recommend no less than 3 updates per week or more.
  • Register with Every Search Engine: Yes, you know to register with Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask but there are many smaller search engines that you should register your site with over the first month or so in your first month of marketing your website. Use Google and Bing to search “Register my website” and “Register my website with search engines” will get you many of the choices that you seek.
  • Register with every top Directory: Unfortunately there are hundreds of directory’s to register your site with but it is a necessary evil. Some directory’s are worth more than others. A quick Google or Yahoo search will help you find the most popular. This is a tedious process but you will want to have as many quality back links to your site as possible in order to grow in organic search. A back link is having a popular site with a link to your website.
  • Register with Social Bookmarking websites: Make sure that you have a presence on the social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and many more. You will need to register so that you can submit articles that you find are interesting along with some of your own articles that you have written. We also suggest that you have tools for those visiting your website to tag the social bookmarking websites with your articles if they like the topic.
  • Define your Tag’s and Description of your website: As you register your website with each search engine, directory and social bookmarking website, you will need to have concise (short) description and tag line. Also do research and find which 6 to 8 tags (one word descriptions) that you will enter on several of these sites.

Starting with these five items will provide you with quite a bit of insight on other ideas about marketing your website or blog. Here is a list of websites for more SEO Tips. In future articles we will provide additional tips for those that have done all of the included tips and are ready to move on the next set. If you have any idea’s or suggestions – Please send us a note. Best of luck with your new website.

T West is an editor at – A place for the Best and Top Lists. Get list updates onTwitter @Faslist

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How to Increase Organic (Free) Traffic

June 7, 2012 Posted by admin


If you have ever tried to research techniques on how to increase traffic to your site you may have noticed an underlying theme in most recommendations – host a quality website.

Why host a quality site? Because a quality site is one that people want to visit and link to. So what makes a quality site? There are two versions of quality, one is how visitors judge your site and the second is how the search engines view your site. Search engines, in an attempt to stay competitive, try to deliver a quality product to the people that use their search tools, which means that they want their visitors to find relevant search results and use their search engine often.

So the search engine tips, tricks and traps popular five years ago do not work anymore, because they do not supply relevant page results. Search engines are now looking for applicable content, not only relevant but real content, not pages stuffed with keywords.

Here are our 56 tips to improve your website and how search engines view them.

1. Include relevant content, relevant to your page description and Meta keywords.

2. Instead of changing your URL or redirecting from your old URL to your new URL, follow Google’s procedure on URL changes to make sure your new site does not get skipped, or just avoid URL changes if you can.

3. Don’t post duplicate content on your site, so if you quote another page only include a small excerpt and don’t repeat your own content on multiple pages.

4. Avoid flash, even though it looks cool, flash and animated banners and intros annoy visitors and search engine bots don’t read them.

5. Submit to quality directories.

6. Make sure your robot.text files are not blocking destination URLs that you do not want blocked.

7. Choose your Meta keywords wisely and include them in your content.

8. Strive to obtain quality links into your site.

9. If you use icon or image links, include a text link.

10. If you operate an affiliate site, make your site a valuable resource, so people chose your site rather than go straight to your affiliate.

11. Add a site map.

12. Don’t use link schemes.

13. Write specific content, so searches can find applicable results. Instead of writing “books,” write “medical text books” or “organic cookbooks”, be specific.

14. If you include low quality links on your site, block them from being scanned by Googlebot.

15. Don’t break up your content too much, like loads of banner ads and so on in the middle or your text, irritates readers and bots.

16. Write unique and compelling content.

17. Don’t forget to include your page descriptions.

18. Don’t bury text content in images.

19. Look for un-indexed URLs, URL with more than a few parameters or dynamic links, they may be skipped.

20. Stay up-to-date on SEO, your strategies need to constantly evolve.

21. Deliver what you promise, don’t drive readers to inapplicable or irrelevant pages.

22. Carefully consider your titles, make sure to include targeted keywords.

23. Don’t forget humor or other devices that attract and keep readers.

24. Add text links with anchor links.

25. Keep links out and in up-to-date.

26. Start a blog or forum if it makes sense on your site.

27. Join BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce or other reputable business associations.

28. Submit articles to respectable and active article sites.

29. Add Alt tags to images for people that disable images.

30. Validate and 508 your site for accessibility.

31. Submit your business description to Wikipedia or other popular information sites.

32. Consider adding maps or mashups.

33. Submit to multiple search engines.

34. Consider marketing some of your subpages or articles that have less competition.

35. Don’t forget good old-fashion PR.

36. Start a little controversy.

37. Consider adding an RSS feed.

38. Write “top ten” lists, which are popular with article search sites.

39. Build a good site that others want to link to.

40. Eliminate grammar and spelling errors.

41. Publish a privacy policy.

42. Send out press releases when it makes sense.

43. Avoid hidden text and links.

44. Keep your content up-to-date.

45. Don’t employ redirects or “cloaking.”

46. Don’t create pages with bad content, like viruses, trojans, malware and so on.

47. Steer clear of empty, unoriginal affiliate pages.

48. Make sure every page is assessable through at least on static text link.

49. Use text, instead of images to relate important content.

50. Check for broken links.

51. Don’t put too many links on one page, even if it is a resource page, keep it well under 100.

52. Test out your site with a text browser.

53. Be leery of badly placed session IDs and arguments.

54. Employ the IF-Modified-Since HTTP header to let Google know if your content has changed.

55. Do not use “&id=” as a URL parameter, they are not indexed.

56. Avoid deceptive or manipulative techniques.

All in all, you just want to create a site that you would want to visit – one that is useful and up-to-date – that’s it, no magic, no tricks.

Pamela Stevens

Pamela Stevens writes for, a review site that publishes technology and entertainment reviews.

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How to Optimize Your Website For Organic Free Traffic

May 27, 2012 Posted by admin


Optimizing your sites to receive free traffic is a crucial part of site-building. Not only will it save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in paid advertising, but it will also remain a permanent asset to your site. If you decide to sell at some point in the future, you can simply show buyers your completely organic search engine traffic and that will lift the perceived value of the site, even if you don’t have high revenues.

So how do you go about optimizing your sites to receive free traffic from the major search engines, including Google?

The best way in which to go about this is to setup link exchanges with other site owners in your given niche. You can do this by joining a link exchange program which you can find through searches for “Link Exchange” on all of the major search engines.

You will want to setup links with high page rank sites that are related to your niche. Also, you will want to put your target keyword to optimize in the anchor text of your link. This is what the search engines will look at when they determine what your site is about based on the link.

If you setup a large amount of link exchanges, you will want to vary your anchor text to include several different keywords not just the one you want to optimize for most. This will ensure that you receive traffic for a number of different keywords.

In addition to a link exchange campaign, you will also want to run a complementary content-creation campaign. This will consist of creating new pages for your website based around keywords that are receive little traffic, but have no competition. This will allow you to virtually dominate all of the traffic for that given keyword.

Just remember, SEO is not black magic but instead a logical approach to finding underused keywords, some quality link building and optimizing your website for both the search engines and more importantly your visitors.

Author Info: Chris Houghton is a SEO Consultant from San Francisco, CA. He also operates the Website Development and SEO Firm, Business Website SEO.

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Auto Traffic Monopoly Review – Organic Free Traffic

May 22, 2012 Posted by admin


No matter what you are promoting you need visitors and the most profitable ones are visitors you generate using free sources. Auto Traffic Monopoly claims to drive server busting levels of free targeted traffic to you websites and affiliate promotions.

Auto Traffic Monopoly is designed to maximise the way that search engines work and focus that effort on keyword phrases which generate the free traffic. It automates a system that would take a couple of hours to action each time you want to implement down to as little as 15 minuets or less. This is worth it’s weight in gold as time is our most valuable asset.

Talking of value Auto Traffic Monopoly is currently discounted from $197 to $37, which is a real deal as this system and software can help you generate the avalanche of targeted visitors you are looking for.

Auto Traffic Monopoly is not a traditional SEO tool but it dose leverage the like of Google and Bing’s love of link juice to generate real high value links to you website, blog or affiliate offer. This link love from the search engines drives your page rank and enables any page you target this at to make it to page 1 for the search results for your chosen key word phrases.

As we all know that being on Page 1 of the search engines is where we get the millions of organic website visitors and these are free. So being able to automate this process and build massive link juice to any page we wish is a golden opportunity. In addition to this we can do something better and more productive with the time Auto Cash Monopoly gives us back.

The training and instruction are very simple to follow, even a internet newbie can get this up and running in under half an hour from download. The support is fantastic with the guys at Auto Cash Monopoly upgrading and bug fixing very quickly.

As in all things internet traffic is king and Auto Cash Monopoly is a highly effective tool to help you build your online business.

To find out how you can automate this process and to get your free guide on building a successful cash generating blog visit my review of Auto Traffic Monopoly [] and see exactly how easy it is to drive highly targeted traffic to any website.

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Applying Videos around Viral Marketing and Advertising

September 28, 2011 Posted by admin

More and more advertisers tend to be adopting movie as broadband continues to rise along with ad-serving technologies be sophisticated. Online movie advertising is really taking from. Users’ attention is usually captured along with ads stand right out of the crowd with an increasingly ad-cluttered online environment. It well said that movie formats expense five to be able to ten times more to be able to serve when compared to standard banners and involve much more production along with implementation work they may well be worth so much if they will achieve more response fees.

Where to use online movie if wanting to maximize her effect, can be what publishers must properly consider. Video being used using the web should be information along with communication aimed while video being used at television must be focused at entertainment.

Like everything else, there tend to be good options and bad strategies to use movie advertising. Now most gurus are incorporating their audio-visual subject material into already present embedded advert formats enjoy banners or even over-content platforms like pop-ups. Though this may reach a potentially big audience, viewers are often less captivated and more annoyed as a result of these bothersome and distracting positions.

Cached or even streaming video on a specific choice site offers the best potential for interesting clients in brand name messages, but it’s not necessarily likely to arrive a big audience except it provides a virus-like outcome.

Whatever you discover, don’t forget for making it effortless open along with distribute. Quality is significant, as will be the media data format. If a viral video is created to get a particular type of software that very few people make use of, how certain get people to spread this like wildfire?

As well, if you’ve made a movie the impact shall be better if you ever send this clip being an attachment rather then streams this. It’s less expensive and, when you’re possibly not hosting this, it’s even more viral, as well.

Explode Your Online Business With These Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Strategies

September 11, 2011 Posted by admin

Every content in the internet is precious. When i was browsing for marketing ideas, i noticed this precious article that can help us understand more about making money online…



Explode Your Online Business With These Affiliate Marketing Tutorial Strategies




This affiliate marketing tutorial is going to give you insight to the strongest strategies online with a rare 100% success rate allowing for extraordinary free traffic from Google.

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the strongest ways to earn a very significant income online if you set your business up correctly.

If you knew that you could earn a strong six figure income online, would you spend a week setting your business up correctly?

I pose this question because the 90% failure rate within affiliate marketing comes from people using replicated websites and the tools offered by affiliate companies. These companies are awesome as a stream of income but you must have your own business, your own blog first.

Once you have your own blog that is search engine optimized, you are able to drive thousands of visitors per day with a very specific strategy called niche domination.

First though this affiliate marketing tutorial needs to review the importance of choosing the proper affiliate product especially within the economy we are in.

For the past several years and probably for a long time to come, people all over the world are looking to earn additional income online.

With that said we need to ask ourselves why 97% of the affiliate programs within this market are leading to an amazing 96% failure rate.

In many ways this is a good thing for you because you have a wide open market of people who are very much in need of a program that actually works.

When seeking out an affiliate product look for the following accomplishments of that product. If you find all the following your success is assured:

Find a team that is succeeding, not one individual, not one company, but a team of people who are following the same affiliate program

Be sure the affiliate product offers the tools for true success including:


  • A daily strategy
  • Capture pages
  • Autoresponders
  • A complete marketing funnel
  • Team support to answer your questions in minutes not hours
  • Videos and images to use within your marketing


Once you find the right affiliate product you want to promote that product through your own blog. There is a strategy called niche domination that has a 100% success rate in driving thousands of people to your blog in the shortest amount of time.

Niche domination allows you to totally dominate any niche within Google within 30-60 days that will create a tremendous amount of traffic leads and income. This strategy is very simple to implement by creating several blog post within the same niche with different keywords.

Once you have done this you can simply use anchor tags to interconnect them and Google will now rank 80% of your blog post on page one within that specific niche.




You can discover more about Niche Domination through this Free 3-Day video training “The Secrets Behind Social Media”.

The free training above goes past the basics of an affiliate marketing tutorial and will break down niche domination and how to set up a marketing funnel that will increase your leads by over 300%.

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Instant Income Cash Machine Review – Enabling Success for New Internet Marketers

September 9, 2011 Posted by admin

We all know that information is the key to one’s success.. This article that i am going to share will give you inputs and will help you achieve success.



Instant Income Cash Machine Review – Enabling Success for New Internet Marketers




This article gives a review of Instant Income Cash Machine, an Internet Marketing training course that is suitable for both beginners and struggling marketers. The review shows both pros and cons of this system and highlights key aspects that can make a positive difference to those keen to achieve online success.

Instant Income Cash Machine is a system brought out by Sean Gallagher, himself a tremendously successful online marketer. It is a comprehensive course that encompasses almost every facet of online businesses, from starting one to becoming successful. The significant ingredients of this system include:

** Core Training Modules
These modules provide a helpful introduction to the newbie. Six modules discuss the key topics of business fundamentals; online business overview; how to generate business ideas, do market research and test them; building online presence and getting customers to visit and buy.

** Cash Machines
Cash Machines are somewhat like specifically targeted solution choices. Various models are included, allowing the new marketer to quickly make money from Affiliate Marketing, CPA offers, memberships, info products and e-Commerce. With this approach, the marketer can begin earning income before finishing the entire course.

** Startup Freedom Club
Access to all training materials is via the Startup Freedom Club. On top of this, a user can get access to online support and keep in touch with other students. A member can upgrade to VIP membership to unlock more exclusive stuff like VIP webinars and training downloads.

For the more experienced Internet marketers, some one hundred different niche market ideas are presented to explore and target new business. This is the first of a few bonuses included in the Club.

Moving on, here’s a summary of the pros and cons of Instant Income Cash Machine. Numerous positive points make it a strong product, but like many other online courses it is not perfect.

** Pros **

– Instant Income Cash Machine discusses completely the different ways of online marketing, be it Affiliate Marketing, CPA offers, Social media, Google Adsense, Email marketing, etc.

– Taken together with the various Cash Machine models, this system provides a great way to get started online quickly.

– The video training modules present methods in a clear and practical format, making for a very conducive way of self-paced learning. As both marketing and technical stuff are discussed appropriately, beginners are less likely to give up due to overwhelming material.

– Being a “live” course with regular content updates, this system stays up to date and relevant. This helps to ensure that online businesses keep in sync with the changing Internet Marketing world.

– This is a comprehensive training course that doesn’t require other add-on products. Everything that is required to get started and earn online income is provided. Thus, the beginner can focus on creating success and not be distracted by other tools that mostly provide incomplete solutions.

** Cons **

– With Instant Income Cash Machine, new marketers have a chance to earn Internet income but may need more than the online course itself. As newbies would benefit from interacting with other new comers and avoiding common mistakes, joining the Startup Freedom Club for a few months is quite necessary. However, this will cost a bit.

– Opting for the free website offer can quickly jump-start beginners, especially those not so technically savvy. But this is not totally free since the user will need to pay for domain registration and site hosting. In the long run, it may be more cost-effective for the user to manage domains and hosting as the number of sites grow.

To conclude, Instant Income Cash Machine teaches the basics of business, “bolts and nuts” of Internet Marketing and everything else in between, so that what is required to begin and sustain an online business is covered. Indeed, this is a very comprehensive and complete system that stays current and relevant with on-going updates.

Thus, the new Internet marketer has a good chance of online success with Instant Income Cash Machine. As with all self-paced learning, the secret to success is in taking action. The newbie is wise to invest in gaining knowledge that can help to make money going forward and ensuring this is built on a solid foundation.




Mark Etin is an Internet Marketer and avid watcher of online business developments, in particular SEO, Affiliate Marketing and website design. To help yourself to Internet Marketing success, take action today by learning more about Instant Income Cash Machine. And check out The Startup Freedom Club to understand how to take your online success further.

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Small Business Marketing Strategies: What Is My Niche Market?

September 9, 2011 Posted by admin

As I was browsing the net for online marketing tips, there is this article that touched my merchant mind. The author put a lot of good things in to it and now let me share you this.

Small Business Marketing Strategies:

What Is My Niche Market?



When developing a small business marketing strategy, the prime question of any business should be – “who is my niche?”. In order to be able to promote products and/or services to the people most likely to buy them, it is essential to fully understand who it is who might buy them!

With both online and offline marketing, your business and its success is all about your clients. Gone are the days of developing a product and then trying to find some people to buy it. Nowadays, it is key to think of your clients first, and then to develop products that they will want to buy.

In this article I’m going to take you through a simple process to outline who your niche market is, so that they can take the prime spot in your small business marketing strategy.

Build a demographic profile of your prospects. What do you sell and who would benefit the most from buying it. Think about your clients and potential prospects, and answer these questions:

  • What income bracket are they in?
  • Are they male or female?
  • Where do they live? Is it essential that they live in a particular location for them to be able to use your business? Or can they be based anywhere in the world?
  • What problems, desires, or challenges do they have for which your products and services can provide a solution?
  • Are they willing to spend the money required for their solution?
  • What is their lifestyle?
  • What level of education did they attain?
  • What do you think they do for a living?
  • What other brands or products are they purchasing and using?


Gradually build up a demographic profile of your prospects or clients that you can use as part of your small business marketing plan. The more you learn about your clients the easier it will be to know where to find them, and gain access to unlimited numbers of them. Be clear about what publications they might buy, where they will hang out for leisure and business purposes, so you will be in the same place as them to sell and promote your products/services.

As you build your small business’s marketing strategy your resources may be limited, both in terms of time and money. You will need to build into your strategy the methods where you will reach the highest number of members of your target market for the lowest outlay. This is where it becomes essential to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of small business marketing techniques.

Paul Carter is an experienced online marketing consultant and runs one of the leading online marketing agencies in the marketing industry. He has helped many businesses to build an effective online marketing strategy that results in leads and sales.



If you would like to know more about his online marketing service you can contact him at his site. He also provides marketing ideas, tips and white papers on his blog – go there now to see what he’s got on offer today.

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3 Quick Strategies to Start Your Online Business Within just 24 hours

September 1, 2011 Posted by admin

The on-line world and web based business especially are becoming more and more popular by the day in present day world simply because people are starting to see the true benefits with the web, consumers are starting to be able to trust the web more, and much more importantly, the begin costs for the online organization are near to nothing as opposed to offline world of business start ups. The only challenge most people face when wanting to start considered one of their own web based business is The best way and Where you can get started. Used to do a search in the keyword period “home based mostly business” and the search outcomes returned 575, 000, 000 results for the keyword by themselves. That’s an attractive intimidating number for someone wanting to start their own individual online business on the web wouldn’t anyone say?

These were the identical obstacles I actually was up against when I actually first entered into the online world of organization. But I actually didn’t let that give up me and I hope that won’t give up you as well from wanting to start your own personal online organization. So, I rescued you the trouble and assemble 3 with the quickest ways for ANYONE(that’s You) to start their own web based business with near to no investment required allowing it to get started in under 24 hours.

Are anyone ready? I hope so.

Structure #1.

Affiliate Programs are just programs setup by the business owner with regard to others to sign up for and additionally promote for any business owner for the agreed after commission(usually concerning 10 : 75%). The best thing about Internet affiliate marketing is that doesn’t cost a one penny to get going, you don’t will need to worry concerning refunds or customer satisfaction that accompany owning your own personal product. All you have to keep worrying about is getting the traffic for the affiliate weblink and obtaining your money cheques. It is a quickest way to get going online… Interval!

Here’s some Affiliate Directories we are able to a get started:

Associate Applications –

Refer It :

Structure #2.

Resell Rights are just products that have already been created and tend to be available to be able to anybody that’s willing to fund the Market Rights to market them. The upside to this is you aquire Ready-To-Go web sites with PROVEN sales emails that transfer. The best benefit of just about all is… you get to keep 100% with the $Profits$. The down side is anyone can’t assert those items as your own personal. The primary creator with the product preserves full proper rights. You just arrive at keep the many profits. Not a very bad deal off wouldn’t anyone say?


Structure #3.

Private Label Resell Rights are just products that will be ready being branded with the name for it. What After all by that are definitely you acquire full rights to the product or simply products and are capable of claim him or her as your own personal even if you didn’t make them yourself. This is a fastest opportunity for anyone to start a web based business that truly doesn’t need any working experience or knowledge how to create their own individual products. Additional really cold thing concerning Private Label Resell Legal rights products is actually they accompany Ready-To-Go websites which in turn again helps you to save you time period and money in having to bring about them yourself.

Well there you might have it, 3 Quick Strategies to Start Your individual Online Business Within just 24 Hours. The easiest way to locate some of the above via bing is by way of entering such as this right into their online search engine web type: affiliate packages + “what a niche is” (Note: ensure you use that quotations approximately what niche you want to target. Essential! )

This can save you time and additionally target a search better, where just like you were to be able to just get into ‘affiliate programs’ inside the search algorithm web form you would get a good gazillion outcomes, leaving anyone frustrated. Today, the sole thing left money Right Now’s make a decision on what is important to really appreciate doing for a business online.

Once you’ve guessed that out the only thing left money is assemble a… Cover $Profit$.