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Successful Customer Relationships for Online Marketing

November 18, 2011 Posted by admin

Customer Relationships

The Successful Customer Relationships for Marketing Online

Building Good Relationships with your Customers is Paramount – You need a great foundation

- You can either be a Flash in the Pan,  or  be Here for the Long Haul.

Part 1 video

What to Do to Succeed building Relationship
Build a Future that lasts.
Customers First – you second.
Deliver great content.

Give them meaningful stuff
Give them offers that mean something
Give  them something for Free first. – Deliver, deliver deliver
Ask what they want. – then give it to them

What not to do..
- Send constant spam
- products that are not related.
- deliver no meaningful information
- Assume people want what you have. – then shove it down their throat.

It’s all about Give and Take.
Part 2 video:


Part 3 video:

Some products and some free stuff.