Free Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

June 2, 2012 Posted by admin


It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that paid traffic is inherently better than organic free traffic. You get what you pay for, etc. This is not necessarily true.

Many subscribe to a different line of thinking. These people along with me feel that organic free search engine marketing is better and in the long run more a more effective means of advertising and by definition cheaper. It requires some education, but well worth the time and effort.

You would have to learn SEO. This is all important with keyword research being probably the one single most important. This is not to undermine the other facets of SEO,,but if I were forced to name one, I say it would be keyword research. This is very important for your website as well as your article marketing and back links. This search engine marketing is not there for the short time of paid marketing, but there permanently to bring you traffic as long as there is interest. Paid consist of one time clicks and as soon as the budget is gone, so is the traffic.

The way that PPC and other forms of paid internet ads appear would immediately tell internet users that these are advertising and spammy with no helpful content. People just do not normally like to be sold to. Article marketing as I hope this one does is provide helpful content with traffic to my site and a backlink that is there for a while to continue to bring traffic as long as people are interested in viewing this article.

People will use the internet to shop but before they could go to any product to determine its quality and value, they need to what value it is to them and their particular situation. A informed well written article provides this.

There is a review of a program that covers the items mention in the above article and free traffic and SEO [].

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